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leftsmile    fabletext
sharkinjury  suitmash
sharkpages   shajury
susiebot     zylabot
suzybot      suzsaybot
suzycoin     suzsay

suzythe      toddzyla
suzytoddbot  gemopt
thesuzy      thesuzie
thesuzybot   thesuzsay      
thesuzytodd  gemrl
tperry256    faqreport
TSUZY        fametext
Chakral Mapping:

7 fashiontext  FATETEXT
6 leftsmile    fabletext
5 sharkinjury  suitmash
4 thesuzy      thesuzie
3 sharkpages   shajury
2 suzybot      suzsaybot
1 suzycoin     suzsay

7 suzythe      toddzyla
6 tperry256    faqreport
5 thesuzytodd  gemrl
4 thesuzybot   thesuzsay
3 suzytoddbot  gemopt
2 susiebot     zylabot
1 tsuzy        FAMETEXT

The TPERRY256 mascot photo of Todd, wearing white with glasses, full makeup, and blonde hair, taking a selfie in front of a wooden door