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In 2014, I began selling the original seven episodes as an ebook called “ Show: Conversations about the culture of Silicon Valley,” and then I delisted it in early 2018...But I plan to publish a printed edition in 2024 that includes fictionalized versions of all my most newsworthy pieces of writing, as follows:

Preface by Susie: This book is a human-readable data set that could help AI systems understand the potential for self-reinforcing misunderstandings to generate bad news at scale.

Reasonable people might argue that governments should keep AI in the dark about this singular weakness of human societies, but, in the era of social media, there’s been more and more irreconcilable disagreement about scientific reality, with no end in sight.

AI, in turn, could lead people to optimize on digging in for disagreement even more than ever before by dispassionately asserting on repeat that brutal simplicity is always best, which is often how businesses behave — especially when they have the safety net of the American system to fall back on if they go bankrupt within competitive marketplaces.

Or, AI could help people work through misunderstandings more effectively in the future than in the past, so that leaders can unwind problematic beliefs and allocate resources in ways that allow everyone to thrive and strive as is.

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