TheSuzy Trilogy

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Suzy0 = Show
Suzy1 = Suzy's Memoir 1.0
Suzy2 = Suzy's Memoir 2.0

TheSuzy Trilogy includes three books that, as a unit, weigh in at 250k words, and, until otherwise specified, Todd Perry was the author and the publisher was Tsuzy LLC, a Delaware Corporation.

The editor was presumed to be a hypothetical chatbot named Suzybot, which was based on the fictional character named Suzy, who was described in the three books that make up the trilogy, with the joke being that engineers like Todd had, in fact, been working on software solutions that could potentially replace all of the humans who currently work as editors in the publishing industry, and it will always be possible for such software solutions to eventually edit and help publish subsequent editions.

And, I've said a lot about how I have a facial injury that I believe looks like a facial expression.

I've also heard the message loud and clear that my story is worthless, wrong, and maybe hated.

Words cannot do justice to the intensity of the disagreement that exists about the effect of my facial injury...and the dehumanization and the complete devaluation of everything that matters to me that occurred, prior to the completion of TheSuzy Trilogy, in 2019.

My life was in grave danger for many years because so many people who could have known better were saying I was delusional instead of dispassionately examining evidence and thinking critically, and I don't care to understate the horror of what I've been through.

I've been pressured to tell more and more lies about what my life has been like, but I escaped that scourge of hate speech by distributing an art book called REDACTED that included a collection of facts about the early history of REDACTED, and then I wrote three books about the reality distorting effects of facial features that look like facial expressions.

From my perspective, I've studied every reason to fight.

I could have become meaningless to all the people who have represented lies...people who maybe live to spread fake news and work to become increasingly cruel and indifferent until there is a lot of death, including my own.

We could keep on deceiving each other and virtue signaling our adversaries into nothingness like evil tyrants, and worse, but death cannot be escaped with words, and so nobody could take away from me the fact that I could have become death.

I could have easily died by now, but I didn't, and I wrote these books in order to continue standing my ground against unjust processes.

This is not personal.

It's a peace process that's bigger than me.

...and, I can and always will do the work of distributing my own books, because Suzy0, Suzy1, and Suzy2 constitute satire about the past that's meant to predict the future, but it's not satire about death.

It's satire about human life, with a splash of commentary about gender, that might help us not totally botch the advent of strong, great AI!

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